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Decorative Chrome Plating

This thin topcoat is applied over nickel and copper or just nickel by using special nickel processes under the chrome. The appearance can be matte or shiney and provide extra protection for corrosioncalled duplex nickel & microporous chrome.

hard chrome

Hard Chrome Plating

Hard chrome plating is applied from essentialy the same plating bath as decorative chrome but using a method which will obtain a far greater thickness.

Hard chrome thickness can be between .001 and .002 inches thick depending on application. Hard chrome has good release properties making it an excellent choice for plastic injection molds. Hard chrome plating is a good choice any time a low coeificient of friction is desired.

hard chrome

Black Chrome Plating

Black chrome can be used in decorative applications but in engineering applications it provides up to 95% absorbtion of the sun's rays. << Top >>

black chrome

Tin Plating

Tin plating is a good choice for copper or brass electrical components (connectors, lugs, switches, etc.) because it stops copper oxidation which can lead to poor contact. Tin deposits are readily solderable. Tin plates well over castings and has good throwing power into recesses. << Top >>

tin plating

Silver Plating

Silver plating is the long time choice for all types of electrical eqiptment & microwave devices. Silver plating has good "smear" qualities and is used for high pressure o-ring seals. Silver plating has been used for sliding contacts in very high voltage situations. << Top >>

silver plating

Gold Plating

Gold plating is a great choice for all types of electrical equiptment for decades. High costs limits some applications, but decorative gold plating can have a lower cost than one might think. Gold deposits can be altered to provide different hardness, solderability, lubricity, color and wear characteristics.

Gold plating will not oxidize or tarnish, making it a good choice for equipment that is almost never used such as airback components. << Top >>

gold plating

Electroless Nickel Plating

Electroless nickel has good corrosion resistance, but it's main feature is that it's deposit is uniform all over the part. Electrolytic nickel always deposit greater thickness at the edges and projections. The deposit can be heat treated to a greater hardness and can be made almost non-magnetic with bath alterations. The cost of electroless nickel is a minus but greater fixturing density somewhat negates higher cost. << Top >>

Electroless Nickel

Cyanide Copper Plating

Cyanide copper must be used as a base coat on zinc die castings and for later plating of greater thicknesses with acid copper. long time application is for selective hardening of gears & aircraft parts, where copper's dense properties keep part soft heat treating. << Top >>

Cyanide Copper

Acid Copper Plating

Acid copper plating allows deposition to a much greater thickness than can be obtained with cyanide copper On very high quality parts it allows the part to be acid copper plated and then buffered with special whells to hide scratches, pits & other surface flaws. On certain parts, acid copper plating can help provide longer service life. << Top >>

Acid Copper

Satin & Matte Nickel Plating

Satin nickel and matte nickel are often improperly named. Satin nickel implies a grain finish as done with a polishing belt or special wheels with an abrasive compound. Matte nickel can be achieved with blasting with aluminum oxide or glass beads and then plating or blasting on the plated finish. A method that eliminates the blasting is done in the plating bath using compounds that cause the deposit to have a fine micro pitted condition.

Much interior automotive trim is done with this process. Various amounts of sheen can be imparted to the part. The process is often said to look like a pearl. << Top >>

Satin Nickel

Black Nickel Plating

Black nickel plating produces a reflective black look over bright nickel. On top of dull substrates or matte finishes it does not produce as dark a finish as over bright nickel. Black nickel is very good for intricate parts which are hard to cover with black chrome.Black nickel does not show finger prints as much as black chrome and has a more uniform color. << Top >>

Black Nickel